Loan Boxes

The Hunt Museum offers a range of different loan boxes containing an array of handling material, and activity resources, that can bring the past to life. 

A selection of objects from the museum beside a loan box
  1. Archaeology Loan Box – Learn about the variety of ‘finds’ an archaeologist can uncover during the excavation of a prehistoric site in Ireland. The loan box includes a flint arrowhead, a stone axe-head, pottery shards and much more.  Also included is a resource book which offers information on each ‘find’, and suggests activities that can be easily delivered in the classroom.
  2. Ancient Ireland Loan Box – This can be used to learn about Ireland in the late Bronze Age and early Iron Age.
  3. Viking Loan Box – Contains artifacts relating to Ireland’s Viking age, and the role of the Norsemen in Limerick.
  4. Communities of Culture Loan Box – Choice of two loan boxes to choose from – the Northside loan box and/or the Southside loan box. Created by local community groups with activities and workshops relating to the culture and heritage in these areas.

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