Falling Into You #2 (2021) / Oil On Canvas / Maurice Reidy / 2021

Falling Into You #2 (2021) / Oil On Canvas / Maurice Reidy / 2021

Maurice Reidy is a past student of Limerick School of Art and Design. He graduated with a First Class Honours in Fine Art (Painting), He is currently a resident in Wickham Street Studios in Limerick City. His work is held in private collections in Ireland and around the world After many years working predominantly in sculpture and performance art, he has more recently stripped back his artistic practice embracing oil and acrylic on canvas. With an explosion of colour and mark making on the surface, Reidy draws on the natural world with an order in chaos narrative. Painting with a performative style, he brings a sense of movement to the work, using layering and vigorous mark making, using a white on white pallet with concentrated shapes of colour. “My paintings are an active engagement with the idea of landscape building on personal reflections and interpretations. A journey, which has  no beginning or end, but instead is a continuation of storytelling, abstract and fragmented on the canvas through the use of colour hidden behind a film of ‘white’ slowly revealing itself as the viewer investigates further. My paintings are always an emerging process. I like when I discover things accidentally and I usually let this dictate the direction of my process.”

Title:                  Falling Into You #2 (2021)

Dimensions:  80 x 70 cm

Medium:         Oil On Canvas

Price:                €1100

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