Scanathon November 2021

The Hunt Museum hosted its very first Scanathon on the 5th – 7th November 2021. A primary aim of  this Scanathon was to provide 3D models of our medieval collections as part of the Europeana project, The Art of Reading in the Middle Ages (ARMA).

Laser scanning in progress with an Einscan turntable


The Hunt Museum, Captains’ Room


Our participants were led on Friday by Ken Coleman, an Irish visual artist based in Limerick who combines Fine Art with photography, mixed media and digital techniques.

On Saturday and Sunday we were joined by Jon Beck, founder of Scan the World and his colleague Elisa d’Antona. Scan the World is an ambitious initiative aimed at the digital sharing of cultural heritage. By scanning, sharing and 3D printing cultural heritage artifacts and empowering others to do so too, Scan the World are helping to make heritage more accessible for everyone.


Participants got hands-on with the Hunt Museum’s Einscan Pro 2x scanner, creating models of some of our smaller medieval objects and conducting a few experiments! Ken brought along some tricky action figure parts to really test the scanner’s capabilities!

Jon really held everyone’s attention with his top-of-the-range Artec EVA, scanning everything from crucifixes to the Cashel Bell to a bourdaloue (portable toilet!). Then, we travelled downstairs to scan some of our larger sculptures including Sybil Connolly’s Madonna.

“It was very hands-on and interactive, and I found the team very informed and passionate about the work they are doing.”

Scanathon participant

Irish Visual Artist Ken Coleman leads participants

Participants use Einscan Pro 2X laser scanner

Participants at the Hunt Museum's Scanathon Nov 2021 with artist Ken Coleman

Jon Beck, founder of Scan the World with his Artec EVA 3D scanner

Jon Beck works with participants at the Scanathon

Participants get hands-on with the Artec EVA 3D scanner

Jon Beck and Elisa D'Antona from Scan the World scanning Sybil Connolly's Madonna

Participants get hands-on with the Artec EVA 3D scanner

The Results

We’re busy processing our models while continuing to scan and create more! You can view all of our models on Sketchfab.