A painting of a girl sitting down broken up into jigsaw pieces

Jigsaw of Breton Woman by Roderick O'Conor (1998)

This activity is brought to you by The Three Muses, a joint education initiative between The Hunt Museum, Limerick Museum and Limerick City Gallery of Art. If you enjoyed this check out our Three Muses Activity Pack and Quiz. The Three Muses programme is supported by Limerick City and County Council, Friends of the Hunt Museum and is sponsored by Affinity Credit Union and Unity Credit Union.

Maiolica Dish (16 pieces)

Spectacle Brooch (32 pieces)

Statue of Apollo (54 pieces)

Statue of Balthasar (84 pieces)

Reliquary Chasse (99 pieces)

View of Kilmallock, County Limerick (150 pieces)

Plat Del Dia, Floating Pear, Matterson’s poster (15 pieces)

The Hunt Museum (35 pieces)

Limerick Museum (45 pieces)

Roderic O’Conor, Breton Woman, 1898 (99 pieces)

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