Collection & Exhibition Tours

Collection and Exhibition tours for those in Higher Education.

The Hunt Museum offers discounted, engaging guided gallery visits of the permanent collection and special exhibitions for classes from FE colleges and universities.

These seminar-style discussions are led by Museum staff and can be specifically designed to enhance professors’ curricula. Through close observation and guided discussion, students explore art, history, world cultures or museology.

Opportunities are also available to develop collaborative projects culminating in online and gallery-based exhibitions and installations.

For more information please contact Maria Cagney, Curator of Education and Outreach.

800 Years of Fashion Workshop

Duration: 60mins
€3.50 euro per student. Teachers go free!

In this workshop, students will learn about clothing from eight different periods (between 1200 and 1920), and these societies. These resources, and objects in the permanent collection, will be used as historical evidence to better understand the evolution of fashion over time, and how these shifts in style relate to changes in society.



  • Strand 1: The Nature of History
  • Strand 2: The history of Ireland
  • Strand 3: The history of Europe and the wider world

Costume Design for Junior Cycle

With this resource, Junior Cycle students can learn about the techniques and processes used to create realistic costumes for film and TV. Students will be taken on a virtual tour of the Best Costume Goes To… exhibition. Students will research clothing from the Viking, Tudor, and Georgian periods using Hunt Museum resources, and design an accessory for a costume from a historical production.

The video below will get you started in the process of researching and designing an accessory for a costume inspired by the Best Costume Goes To… exhibition.

Visual Art:

  • Design Strand


  • Strand 1: Working with evidence
  • Strand 2: Exploring people, cultures, and ideas