A collection of ancient Irish equipment laid out on a table in front of a crannóg

During this workshop, students will use their senses to analyse and evaluate various replica objects. This will enable them to construct historical narratives, and interpret what life was like in the Stone Age and Bronze Age.

They will also take a tour of the prehistoric objects in the Hunt Museum’s Permanent Collection.

Loan Box

This is also available as a loan box.

The Hunt Museum offers a range of different loan boxes containing an array of handling material, and activity resources, that can bring the past to life in the classroom.

This can be used to learn about Ireland in the late Bronze Age and early Iron Age.

Cost: 30 euro plus VAT for 10 days.


  • Strand 1: The Nature of History
  • Strand 2: The History of Ireland

Visual Art

  • Element: Visual Culture and Appreciation, Craft Strand
  • Element: Media, Craft Strand


  • Strand 1: Oral Language


  • Strand 1: The Nature of Science

Environmental Social Studies

  • Section 1: Settlement / Resources
  • Topics: Food, Shelter, Energy, Water, Clothing
  • Option 2: Pre-Christian Ireland

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