Student wearing VR headset in front of Hieronymus Bosch painting

Student using the VR glasses in front of the Bosch painting, Garden of Earthly Delights. Garden of Earthly Delights / Hieronymous Bosch / 1495 - 1505 / Grisaille, Oil on oak panel / Museo del Prado / PD

Through virtual reality, accompanying lesson plans, discussion topics, and art-based activities, students will learn to critically analyse the Bosch artwork in the context of the Northern Renaissance period.

Included in the loan box is:

  • 2 x Pico Virtual Reality Headsets
  • Digital copy of instructions
  • Digital copy of classroom resources

Visual Art

  • Create Strand (Making, Process, Contextual Enquiries)
  • Research Strand (Looking, Experimenting and Interpretation, Contextual Enquiries)
  • Respond Strand (Analysis, Impact, and Value)


€30 plus VAT for 10 days

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