Virtual Museums Workshop

Discover art and objects in our new Virtual Museum Workshops for schools. Participants explore and interact with virtual galleries filled with 3D objects and images from three Limerick museum collections. Participants practise analytic, creative and digital skills while they work together to create their own museum galleries and discover the role of the museum to educate and inspire.

This workshop takes place on the free online platform Mozilla Hubs and requires no software downloads or sign up. To participate you’ll need a device (mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop PC) and a strong WIFI connection.

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This workshop is brought to you by The Three Muses, a joint education initiative between The Hunt Museum, Limerick Museum and Limerick City Gallery of Art. The Three Muses is supported by Limerick City and County Council and Friends of the Hunt Museum.

Viking Post Primary Online Programme

This digital programme will teach Post Primary Junior Cycle students all about the Vikings. 

Through short animations, a virtual handling session, and a printable workbook (featuring art activities and research topics) students will gain a greater understanding of Viking culture and their impact on Ireland. Students will use both replica and authentic Viking artefacts from the Hunt Museum Permanent Collection as a means to learn more about their lives.

Visual Art:

  • Strand – Art (Element: Critical and visual language, 1.1, 1.2 ; Element: Visual Culture and Appreciation, 1.8)


  • Strand – Developing Historical Consciousness – History of Ireland


  • Strand – Exploring People, Places, and Change

Exhibition Layout and Design Online

This programme will introduce students to the philosophy behind the layout and design of the Hunt Museum’s Permanent Collection. On this page, you will find a series of video-based tours, aimed at Senior Cycle Visual Art students, and PDF revision notes.

Download all revision notes

Virtual Museum Workshop

Looking to enhance your students’ experience? Upgrade with our Layout and Design package.

  • Virtual museum workshop for €35 per class
    Students will:
    Interact with virtual galleries & 3D objects from the Hunt Museum
    Use analytic, creative, and digital skills
  • Q&A with a museum professional €25 per class
    Students will:
    Have their questions about the Hunt Museum Layout & Design answered by professionals

Visual Art: Section III: General Appreciation of Art “Visiting a Museum or Gallery” written question.


Image Bank for Teachers

We have four series of images available for download: The Captains Room; Early Christian Ireland; Prehistoric Ireland; and Treasury.

Costume Design for Junior Cycle

With this resource, Junior Cycle students can learn about the techniques and processes used to create realistic costumes for film and TV. Students will be taken on a virtual tour of the Best Costume Goes To… exhibition. Students will research clothing from the Viking, Tudor, and Georgian periods using Hunt Museum resources, and design an accessory for a costume from a historical production.

The video below will get you started in the process of researching and designing an accessory for a costume inspired by the Best Costume Goes To… exhibition.

Visual Art:

  • Design Strand


  • Strand 1: Working with evidence
  • Strand 2: Exploring people, cultures, and ideas

Animal Hunt Tour

What kinds of animals are hidden in the collection? Why do artists draw animals? Do these animals look like animals you’ve seen in real life? Booking is essential.

Suitable for 1st & 2nd class
Duration: 60 mins.
Cost: 3.50 per pupil, teachers go free!

On the Animal Hunt Tour, students will discover how animals have been depicted in art from the past to the present. Students learn about both real and mythical animals. Learning strategies including discussion, movement, and drawing.

To book email or call:


Call: 06 149 0089

  • Drawing
  • Living Things